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 Richard Aido [Drago the witch] [wip]

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Richard Aido

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PostSubject: Richard Aido [Drago the witch] [wip]   Richard Aido [Drago the witch] [wip] I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2014 11:57 am

Name: Richard Aido [Drago]
Age: 418
Gender: Male
Type: Witch
Height: 5ft6
Weight: 52kg
Hair Color: Red in human form
Eye color: Green
Skin Tone: Milky white.
Body: Skinny/lean

Human form:


Due to his zest for life his personality allows that to flow through speaking as if he himself could give life. Caring and compassionate he likes to look after people and help them through there power's. Something that he loves to do, Obviously this only relates to other witches.

This is only one half of his personality a front that he follow's up his true personality is built upon power. He greatly values the art of destrction having been easily corrupted by the pull of magic. He adores with every fiber of his being when things go boom.

Finally like every witch being he has and goes through every emotion that human's fell. Love happyness sadness etc. The only emotion he doesnt seem to feel is envy never once being jealous of anyone to be honest.

Enjoying the usual gag's and hilarities of life Richard fear's not the dead or not even the "resurrected" dead meaning those who look like someone else. a witch whom fears death is a witch who knows how to live, Though he knows of the wolf clan that are immortal this makes him crave the immortal ability himself.

When life gets him down Richard can easily over come any obstacle to pick himself up again. When this happens he will allow his full range of emotions to over take him most likely becoming "to happy" or "to sad" Suicidal tendancie's can happen tho usually stopping himself in the end after remembering his Immortality goal


A male of many likes to much to write down. A simple few would be due to the fact that the man is gay he likes other men. Hospital's are his favorite place to be he enjoys witnessing the last few seconds of someones life. Snake's are also something he truly loves something with such strong venom yet such small animals intrigue the male greatly.

Homophobes are his worst hate usually removing them when they insult them and making them his subjects for experiments they regret there actions greatly before there death comes. Vegetables are something he detests and would gladly murder the person who invented them.

DWMA Brats = Though forced to work in the DWMA undercover his hatred of many of the brats creeps closer to being released.

Life is his true motivation nothing more and nothing less

Death....His fear is simple

History: (60 words at least please)
Spells: TBC
Kishin Souls 0 (Do not change. You get 1 for every kishin you defeat)
Witch Souls: 0 (Do not change. You get 1 for every kishin you defeat)
Human Souls: 0 (Do not change. You get 1 for every human you defeat)
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Richard Aido [Drago the witch] [wip]
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