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PostSubject: [Kishin] Kurai Kage Saocorazon   [Kishin] Kurai Kage Saocorazon I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 01, 2014 1:55 am

General Information:
Name: Kurai Kage Saocorazon
Age: 18 years
Gender: Male
Home: Born in DWMA, Current Home is Unknown

Species Information:
Type: Weapon

Ex-Partner ~ Scarlet ~ Purple Scythe:
Abilities \ Powers:

Height: 6'6" (six feet, six inches)
Weight: 120 lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Caucasian (a little tan though)
Body: Muscular, but not overly muscular
* Kurai does have a tail even when unarmored (black-scaled tail) due to being a kishin in the first place (it’s the defining trait of his appearance)
Image of Kishin Armor:

Image of Weapon Appearance:

Kurai, in general, is a nice guy. When he sees spirits that are those of criminals or innocent children that have become lost, he has an undying will to assist them and help them to move on. Sometimes this can lead him to storing souls in his body until he can assist that spirit. He has a light temper, and if provoked, may lose control of himself temporarily to insanity; however, this usually doesn’t last long. He also tends to remember things in his past vividly, and it the memories are too painful, he will wish to not remember.

Kurai was born in the DWMA when his mother had been visiting the academy. She had been heading to see Death and talk to him about potentially having her son instructed at the academy for something as opposed to a traditional school, though fate had it so that she was to have Kurai in front of him. As such, Death was the first of two figures that he saw upon his birth, and it left its mark on his memories. As a child he had a simple life and was an angel; he helped his parents as much as possible and was brought up thinking he should become a meister.

At the age of eight, Kurai found someone wondering randomly through his hometown. It was strange, because this girl was very beautiful with purple hair. The two became fast friends, and Kurai ended up becoming the girl's meister upon learning that she was a scythe. When he took her home his parents didn't mind having her around either; she was a great help, just like Kurai, and the two had someone to talk to at all times. What helped the two to bond was all the kind instructors at the DWMA that influenced the two to fight and work together as a pair.

Seven years later, when Kurai was fifteen, he, by accident, killed someone that had been stealing from old women with his scythe, Scarlet. He hadn't meant to do that, nevertheless absorb the spirit for his own strength by accident from his weapon. It turned his spirit into a kishin egg, and no one but himself and Scarlet knew... After a few months he ultimately succumbed to it as he used her to kill innocents and intake their souls. When he became sixteen the egg hatched, and Kurai almost became a kishin until Scarlet released the souls he had taken and took in the kishin egg... But to their dismay, a meister of incredible strength had found out by that point Kurai was infected and broke his beloved scythe. The meister was evil, following the orders of his weapon that was turning even darker… The weapon wanted to see Kurai become one as well at some point… And no one knew that the meister and weapon had broken the scythe, Kurai escaping with one fragment of the scythe that had been his weapon.

Over the next couple of years Kurai became a hybrid; an evil human. He held multiple spirits within his body, attempting to purify them and move them on to heaven... It was due to this that he still hadn't lost his sanity and his madness wavelength was minimal if not existent (does not say that he has no wavelength). He was, at eighteen years old, wondering outside the DWMA building when he encountered a strange weapon. This weapon at first injured him for being a hybrid, releasing thousands of souls from his body he promised to help. Scarlet, whom had become a spirit that Kurai couldn't see, spoke to this weapon and caused her to feel a bit of pity, and she (the weapon) ended up helping Kurai recover quickly; however, he had lost all of his souls collected.

This same weapon then thought of an idea, and getting the consent of the spirit of which had been Kurai's weapon companion, she had Kurai attempt to resonate with the fragment of Scarlet's blade. The purple scythe was revived into Kurai's hand, though it wouldn't last for long. Kurai's kishin was released by her, and it was small due to being a child. Kurai wanted to keep the kishin because it wasn't evil around him, and after a couple of events, he absorbed it back into his soul. He ended up turning into an evil human again in front of the weapon despite her warnings, and after a light disagreement with her, he fled to the top of the DWMA building.

It was here that Kurai witnessed a murder; one of the academy students had murdered an innocent girl, and the souls called to Kurai; however, he couldn't eat them on his own accord. That was when the strange weapon and his own showed up on the roof. Kurai pounced and devoured his weapon, taking her blade for teeth while he spat out her handle to the ground. A light struggle then ensued between his sanity and the kishin egg, though the victory was ultimately his. He ended up releasing the innocent spirit, though he still wanted to take the murderer for his own food... As such, he snatched her in his hand and backed away from the weapon that had helped him.

Kurai didn't get much of a chance to ponder devouring the evil spirit of the murdered as he was chained to the roof, the girl student rushing away from him over to the weapon. One of the weapon's instructors then showed up, and he found himself staring to Death inside of a mirror. The instructor spoke about him being "tame” to Death, asking to keep him at the academy as a special exemption to kishin being hunted. “Perhaps we can learn from this kishin… To use its strength to help others fight their eggs… To hunt other, darker kishin… Perhaps by keeping him around and easing his transformation, we can learn something new… We can teach classes with the kishin around…” The instructor had a great idea and had been looking for Death’s approval.

Special Moves:
- (Healing Wavelength)

Kishin: 0
Witch : 0
Human : 0
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PostSubject: Re: [Kishin] Kurai Kage Saocorazon   [Kishin] Kurai Kage Saocorazon I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 01, 2014 2:04 am


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